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This self-paced course is for people that work with data and want to get hands-on experience using the web-based Anypoint Flow Designer to build integrations that connect systems quickly and easily.


At the end of this course, students should be able to use Anypoint Flow Designer to:

  • Build, debug, and deploy Mule applications.
  • Retrieve data from databases, REST APIs, and SOAP APIs.
  • Transform data using the DataWeave visual mapper.
  • Control event flow and handle errors.
  • Transfer data to other systems.


For application owners or data scientists with integration needs


  • A basic understanding of data formats such as XML, CSV, and JSON
  • A basic understanding of typical integration technologies such as HTTP, JDBC, REST, and SOAP

Setup requirements

  • A computer with:
    • A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768
    • The latest version of Firefox or Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 or newer
  • Unrestricted internet access to port 80 (with > 5Mbps download and > 2Mbps upload)
  • An Anypoint Platform account
  • Postman REST client app (or some other REST client app)


  • Create basic applications using the Mule runtime
  • Describe how to use Anypoint Platform to create and access APIs
  • Deploy Mule applications
  • Capture input from query parameters and URI parameters
  • Retrieve data from databases, REST APIs, and SOAP APIs
  • Transform data using a visual mapper
  • Transform different responses into one common standard
  • Transform data using conditional expressions
  • Use DataWeave functions

  • Route events based on conditions
  • Handle errors
  • Transfer data to a Salesforce database


6 hours

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